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According to the BW compare, 12.7% of the verses had differences. This is slightly overstated; the are some false positives, due, I think, to different positions of blanks, and the problem BW compare has with verse mappings.
My impression is that BW was less active in maintaining the NIB version. For example, the verse mapping file is smaller than for NIVO.
Actually, the NIB verse mapping file you have might be slightly more accurate than your NIVO verse mapping file, since the NIB gets updated (if necessary) with BW updates, while the NIVO may not, since it is no longer offered in BW.
That being said, the biggest difference in the verse mappings is due to the fact that NIVO has footnotes, and NIB does not. Numerous blank verses in the New Testament (where the Nestle-Aland text omits verse in the Textus Receptus) are included in the NIVO footnotes for the previous verse. For that reason those verses are mapped to the blank verses, so that BW users can see how the NIVO translated those sections of the Textus Receptus. Apart from that, I found only 3 differences to update in NIB in order to have it agree with NIVO, one in Isaiah, one in Mark 7, and one in 1 Peter 1. They'll be updated the next time BW updates verse map files. I am not sure how best to make the NIVO verse map file available. I guess it could be updated with the rest, and new BW users would be left to wonder what it is (if they ever find it).
Mark Eddy