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    Default Unicode in BibleWorks

    I know, I know... Bwgrkn and Bwhebb are what make BW so incredibly unique and cool, and Unicode is, after all, just way too complicated.

    But, I'd like to add one more voice to the discussion about switching to Unicode in BW (there is a discussion going on out there somewhere, isn't there?), from the perspective of someone who is constantly working with the language that goes the "wrong way".

    Imagine typing this sentence, letter for letter, backwards...
    ...sdrawkcab ,rettel rof rettel ,ecnetnes siht gnipyt enigamI

    Just try it... no really, try it (without looking at my attempt... you can check me after you're done and see if I got it right).

    Now that you've tried it (you did try it, didn't you?), you've gotten a little taste of one reason why so many people find Hebrew so daunting. Now imagine that the keys on your keyboard have semi-randomly assigned Cuneiform characters on them and you have to guess which one corresponds with the English letter you want to type.

    It takes absolutely forever to type that way, doesn't it? So frustrating that you just want to give up, perhaps? No wonder so many people just give up on Hebrew as soon as they pass those Seminary classes. It's not the only reason, but it is certainly one of them.

    Please, BW staff, I implore you to consider switching to Unicode in the main interface of BW. At the very least, please consider it for Hebrew.

    When I'm thinking in Hebrew, I'm thinking right-to-left. It is completely unintuitive for me, at that moment, to hit backspace and see the character to the left of my cursor disappear. It just doesn't work. It's like insisting that you work with English in a right-to-left context.

    I know it's a pain for you as programmers. I know it would completely mess with some of the very core of this wonderful program (I not being sarcastic, it really is a wonderful program), but Hebrew scholars around the world would thank you dearly!

    By the way, if you're an Old Testament scholar who doesn't use Unicode, give it a serious try for a month or two... force yourself to use it on a daily basis, and I'm confident you'll never look back. If you're already looking back, do me a favor and don't post below... it'll ruin my argument.

    If any of you haven't already, you can get started with Unicode here: (I am in no way affiliated, I promise!).

    Would anyone else like to see BW switch completely to Unicode?

    Rusty Taylor
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