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    Default Listening to the Greek

    Is there a way to hear the way the greek words (or hebrew) should sound -proper pronunciation- in BW8. an add-on perhaps??? Or, if not is there any programs out there that allow for this.

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    There's not a way for Bibleworks to read the verses to you in Greek or Hebrew. However, go under "tools" and then "language tools" and then "vocabulary flashcard module." This module allows you to review Hebrew & Greek vocabulary (with many options, such as Mounce's chapters, sorted by frequency, etc.). The module has a button that looks like a sound file that will pronounce the Hebrew or Greek word for you with proper pronunciation. That might be what you're looking for.

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    There is no true consensus as to what constitutes "proper pronunciation" when it comes to NT Greek. Most use some variant of Erasmian pronunciation. Others just use modern Greek pronunciation. Randall Buth and others have attempted to reconstruct actual first-century pronunciations. If you want to listen to the Greek NT (or Hebrew Bible) read aloud, there are internet sources (Hebrew too) that read portions, if not the entirety, with the different pronunciation schemes. Also, Louis Tyler has recorded both the Hebrew Bible and Greek NT on CD, as I'm sure others have.
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    Default many thanks

    Thanks for the suggestions- this will help

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    Default it would be really nice if....

    It would be really nice if you could right click on a greek (or hebrew) word and be able to hear it being spoken.
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