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Thread: Major Problem with Diagramming tool

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    Exclamation Major Problem with Diagramming tool

    I am currently diagramming in the book of Mark. I have been using the diagramming tool instead of paper to try and see if it will be easier. Unfortunately, I may make my way back to paper.

    In the process of diagramming I have had to shut down BW 5 or 6 times because of a non-responsive program. At one point I lost a large section of the diagram that I hadn't saved...and since there is no auto-save function for this tool (that I know of) the data was lost.

    Even now when I bring up my saved diagram, the program stalls for a good while (this is when I pray earnestly for it not to fail). Then for some reason, it just pops up, as if everything had been fine all along.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is this tool just early in the developmental phase for me to rely on? I would hate to either save many diagrams I have spent hours on only to find out I can't open them. Or even worse, to be in the middle of something and have the program not respond for no reason as it did before.

    As far as "re-creating" the problem so that you can try to figure out what went wrong, honestly, I was in the middle of diagramming Mark 1:4-8, I clicked on the diagram to shift it a little so that the text would line up more properly, and it froze.

    Thanks for your input. Thankfully what I lost was quickly re-done, so I am writing writing in a frenzy.


    Eric Daniels

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    Hi Eric-

    The forums aren't the best way to get official help, but I am concerned about your problem. The problems you report are not known problems with the diagrammer. I have not had similar reports about the diagrammer, and we do have users doing intensive and complex diagrams with the tool.

    There may be a way to recover your file, but I will need to get in touch with you offline to work through it. Can you send me private email with information on how to contact you (your account has email deactivated)? Hopefully we can resolve the problem.

    For general information, the diagrammer creates dgt*.tmp files that should still be in your temp folder if you experience a crash. If you do Start| search and search across all your drives for "dgt*.tmp" files, you should be able to find them. To read the file back into the diagrammer, copy (not move) them to another folder, and add a ".dgm" extension to the files you want to open.

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    it's been a while since i've worked on the diagrammer, and i haven't done too, too much with it, but i have occasionally had the same problem where i try to edit the format of the diagram and it freezes and shuts down on me. But since i haven't worked with it recently, i can't be too critical of it.
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    There were a few crash bugs in the CD release, but current patches seem to have fixed them. Anyone experiencing this kind of behavior should verify they have the latest EXE....


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    Default oh yeah

    i forgot about the patches to the diagrammer. I have the latest exe and now that you mention it, i haven't had the problems since.

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    Default Corrupted File?

    Thanks for the quick and concerned response MTan.

    I did notice that the diagramming tool creates a .dgm file. I also noticed that there is a .dgm.tmp file created while working on the diagrams now that you mention it. But I don't see any .dgt files?

    I think what may have happened somehow is that my file became corrupted or "messed up" for lack of a better term. Since I suspected this I selected all, copied, and pasted the diagram into a fresh diagram window...saved it under a new filename, shut down, and opened the new file. It seems fine now. I just deleted the old file.

    BUT...even though I found a solution, heaven forbid I had lost a larger chunk of the diagram, I wouldn't be a happy camper. So, I still think it is something to look into.

    Just for more info on me, I have several partitions on my laptop. I have relocated the Windows default Tmp and Temp folders to another partition. I am not sure if this would cause problems for BW. I am running BW6, actually 6.0.010z at the time, XP Pro, 1.4 Centrino, 512 Mb ram. I update BW constantly, so I have the newest everything before I even use it for that day.

    Anyway, all is well now...I found a way to fix the issue. I just hope it doesn't magically appear again. Here is my email if you want to contact me anyway, I would love to help out if I can:



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    Default Strike my last post

    I had another issue. A window came up saying that the BWModule had a problem, and BW shut down. Here is what my event viewer said:

    Dr. Watson: "The application, e:\bibleworks 6\bw600.exe, generated an application error The error occurred on 09/20/2004 @ 18:26:42.677 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 00460642 (bw600!WidgetWordPropertiesDlg)"

    Application Error: "Faulting application bw600.exe, version, faulting module bw600.exe, version, fault address 0x00060642"

    Not sure what is going on here. I am just being very careful to save all of my work constantly. Would be nice if I didn't have to do that though.

    Any help??



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    Default Another crash problem

    I also have the diagrammer crashing in the following situation: Some text is loaded and then dragged onto the canvas and arranged. Some lines are draw (with or without arrowheads, it doesn't matter; as an aside, I would love to see the option of being able to have arrowheads on both ends of the line) for various reasons. The crash occurs when the diagram is moved. If I go "select all" and then click on one of the sentence fragments to move the entire diagram everything is fine; but if I happen instead to click on one of the lines, BW crashes.

    I have no explanation why.


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    Default My issue is the same as David's

    The subject says it all.

    Now that David describes it that way, everytime BW has crashed, that every thing has happened. Typically it is an accident. I click, hoping to just select the immediate area, and the whole diagram is selected.

    David: just a suggestion until they find a cure. I have found that if I leave sections disconnected from the rest, the problem happens less often. Meaning, the biggest diagram I ever have is one verse between verses I just leave it separated.

    Anyway, just thought I would affirm David.



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    Hi Eric and Dave-

    Thanks for your posts. Can you both send me email with the files that exhibit the behavior you're talking about? (Eric, did you get the email I sent you yestereday?) As you probably realize, unless we have a reproducible bug, it is very hard to fix the problem. If you could come up with a file and outline the specific steps that cause the crash, we'll be well on our way to fixing the proboem.

    Dave, I tried dragging out words and lines and doing what you described, but I couldn't get it to crash. If you could send a file and give specific steps that cause it to crash, that would be helpful. I'm probably not clicking the same things you clicked...

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