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Thread: Problems Printing Hebrew

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    Default Problems Printing Hebrew

    I've got a pretty new HP Printer and Windows 7. I say that because this is most likely a Windows-type problem rather than Bibleworks.
    When I print out Hebrew, it often comes out with those place-holder dotted-circle things. And those dotted circles are printed all over the place... often over consonants, making it look like a big jumbled mess. This happens whether I copy & paste text from Bibleworks, the internet, or if I just type it out manually. On the screen it looks fine. This only appears after I print it. It occurs in both Word & the Bibleworks editor.
    Anyone know a fix?

    I just noticed... when this happens, the first line of text usually comes out fine. Every line after this, however, is almost indecipherable because of all the overlapping junk.
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