Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forum, but several Hebrew exegesis courses in seminary (and now Greek) have made me an avid user and fan of BibleWorks. I still have BW7, but dream of upgrading some day when I graduate seminary and start "making the big bucks" as a pastor.

A question: is there a way to search everything in BibleWorks at once? In other words, is there a way to search (for example), five given Bible versions, all the lexicons, grammars, and other reference works I have installed on a word/concept like "prophet"?

I understand that the "Resource Summary" tab in the analysis window gets close to this, but it doesn't look like that includes Nave's Topical Bible, the BibleWorks timeline, etc. (Not only that, but the Resource Summary appears to be keyed to whole verses in the cases of the grammars and the Henry commentary, as opposed to individual words.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas.