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Thread: Netbook Keyboard Morphology Searches with @ Symbol

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    Default Netbook Keyboard Morphology Searches with @ Symbol

    I have a little netbook (Bibleworks seems to work great on it, by the way). The small keyboard is causing me problems though. If I wish to do a morphological search, Bibleworks automatically switches to Greek for me, and then when I try to type @ the [ symbol shows up instead. If I'm typing in English, @ works just fine. Anyone know how I can go about changing this?

    Update: I read through some help files, and they seemed to indicate that this is the correct way the Greek keyboard was meant to be set up. This leads me to believe that the problem isn't the Greek keyboard, but the way that Bibleworks is automatically switching between languages. It seems that it should be switching to English upon me typing @, but it's staying in Greek. Can anyone help me out here?

    Update: I see what I did. And it's too embarrassing to admit, so I'm deleting this... if I can figure out how...
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