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    Default BibleWorks Quiz 2010

    A user created BibleWorks OT/Hebrew Bible Quiz

    Inspired by the 2009 Bibleworks pop quiz found here:

    Most of the answers to the following questions can be found on the Bibleworks forums or in the BWS' Help-files.
    The questions that follow were taken either in part or verbatim from the BW forums or the BW help file.

    1.Find linear strings in the Pentateuch where (Waw Consecutive 3rd person Qal imperfect) is followed by אלהים or יהוה or אל then the preposition ( אל ) and finally (any noun)
    (by anonymous BW user)

    2. Find all the different English words use to translate
    דבר (Hint strongs#01697)
    (by anonymous BW user)

    3. Find all III-heh jussives whose two vowels are patachs.
    (query accredited to jakemccarty and the best answer to Philip Brown )

    4.Find all instance where a lemma appears consecutively.
    (see the BW help file)

    5.Find verses where a given lemma is repeated but has two intervening words.
    (see the BW help file)

    6.Find where the Hebrew words משה and אהרן appear within 2 verses of each other.
    (see the BW help file)

    7.Find verses with אהרן but not משה
    (see the BW help file)

    8.Find the piel imperfect 3rd person singular כפר
    (see the BW help file)

    9.Find all the non-Qal verbs in the Pentateuch
    ( accredited to jdarlack & MBushell)

    10.Find all perfect verb forms following an atnach accent
    (accredited to kuayanga)

    11.Find all verses in the WTM and the JDP were Mereka accent is immediately followed by a Pashta accent
    (anonymous BW user).

    12.find אמר and דבר and their most common Subjects and Objects.
    ( see the Classrom tips)

    13.Find the ellipsis in the ESV
    (accredited to Jim Wert & Adelpos)

    Do a punctuation search on the Maqqeph (accredited to Gandalf & David Kummerow

    15. Find the LXX’s equivalents for
    אהב using.
    ( ISalzman & Mark Eddy )

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