Hi there, I just installed Bible works 8 as an Apple app on my mac mini using winebottler. I thought people might want to know that it does work. However I am a beginner user so time will tell whether it all runs smoothly.

I am just wondering if anyone else has done this and if there are any problems? I do have one issue in that the US english keyboard says it has not installed! Will have solve that although I can still type in english.

Some staff at my church have turned to mac but want to keep their windows software. I do have parallels 5 but couldn't copy and paste into the mac environment which was annoying as I have done all my Bible college (the Shepherds Bible College NZ) essays on the mac.
Well I hope this helps. Im a beginner at all this and usually its trial and error and loads of forums later I figure things out.

Blessings to All.
Isaac aka Worldservice