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Thread: Word Analysis and Resource Summary Windows

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    Default Word Analysis and Resource Summary Windows

    I have found the separate Word Analysis Window and the separate Resource Summary Window to be very handy. I do have a wide screen; this would require either a high resolution wide screen, or multiple screens.
    (These additional windows can be opened from the "Browse Window Options" button of the Browse Window.)

    For normal setup, it allows me to use the analysis pane as a continuous browse window to show context, while having a Work Analysis window and Resource Summary window visible at the same time. (My one complaint about the separate Word Analysis window is that when you hover over a version ID in the browse window it does not show the full version information from the vvv.bww file, but only shows the other info that BW supplies. This is not a big issue with normal setup, but for parallel view I have to bring the main BW window to the top to get the information.)

    For Parallel Window mode it allows me to display these two extra windows along with the parallel window, and will display footnote or lexical information for whichever version the mouse is hovering over. The Resource Summary window only refreshes when the mouse is hovering over a word in a version that has lexicon links (a morphological, or companion to morphological, version), so I have to move the mouse to such a version even if I want only verse-based rather than word-based information. But that is a small price to pay for the power that this gives.

    Normal Setup
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    Parallel Window mode
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