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Thread: The BibleWorks Hebraica/Judaica project

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    Arrow Neither forgotten nor abandoned.

    This project has neither been forgotten nor abandoned.
    I apologize for my absent for this thread. I have been both busy and a little lazy.

    The first thing I would like to finnish is the siddur. The Siddur I am working with have been released under a creative common license and should be free for anyone to use. From now on I will start posting some of my work so that I hope it can receive constructive criticism. The first part in creating a Hebrew text custom version for use with BibleWorks is is to enter the text in the CCAT format since Unicode is not supported yet for Hebrew text. Rather, than post the entire Siddur here, I have attached CCAT Siddur Draft to this post as a PDF.

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    Brian K. Mitchell
    חפשו בתורה היטב ואל תסתמכו על דברי

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