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    Default Mac compatibility

    I have trouble using BibleWorks on my parallel desktop. I read the following in an explanation by BibleWorks as to why they do not plan to make a version Mac compatible.

    "First, high-end products similar to BibleWorks already serve the Macintosh market. We deem it best not to introduce new competition with those who already serve the Macintosh market in a way that is currently satisfactory. "

    I would like to know the name or names of "high-end products similar to BibleWorks".
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    Default High-End Mac Bible Software

    Presently, both Logos and Accordance Bible Software offer high-end baseline products and modules for Mac OSX etc. The Standard for Mac users is typically Accordance as Logos has not reached full functionality with its new release catering to Mac Users. I personally have found "Parallels" for Mac to be a less than functional program. Presently, I run Bibleworks 8 using VM Software's Fusion Ware 3 and it is simple enough to allow you to switch between platforms while looking at both on the same screen with cutting/pasting and other options. I am looking forward to an iOS version of Bibleworks possibly and definitely Accordance's long over-due iOS download (said it was to be released in Fall of 2010, but I still can't find it available yet). Hope these ideas help.


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    Default Bibleworks using WINE


    I used Bibleworks for years, but changing to Mac, I was forced to drop it, Virtual PC was horrible, so I just used Online Bible. BUT.

    Just this weeks I found a version of WINE which is very easy to install, and very easy to install Windows programmes on. The good news is that Bibleworks 6 (which is what I have) works perfectly (albeit coping and pasting Hebrew needs watching). I have a 2008 Macbook, not a new flyer, with 4GB RAM, and it is all extremely quick and barely uses any resources at all.

    I have no idea how Bibleworks 8 will work, but I can't imagine it being that different. Google Winebottler.


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    I tried Wine a few months ago. Honestly, I don't remember the specifics, only that it was clunky and not everything worked correctly. I tried parallels first, but discovered the shift-key-bug that has been there for years. I currently use VirtualBox, which works really well.
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