According to the Trinitarian Bible Society's
'179th Annual Report & Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2009

"Our Hebrew New Testament revision project was only commenced about twelve
months ago, but has benefitted from a top-class team of specialists working upon it in Israel throughout that period. Although progress has been painstaking rather than spectacular, the Gospel according to John has now been finished in draft form. It has taken a while to establish the methodology of the project—the primary aim is to

conform the well-known and much-loved Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament edition more closely to the Textus Receptus Greek
, as close scrutiny of the translator’s work has identified some areas that need improvement.

At the same time, opportunity is being taken to revise Hebrew words and phrases that are manifestly difficult to understand. No unnecessary changes will be made, as it is important that the Biblical Hebrew style of the Delitzsch be maintained. In many instances where words and phrases will have to be adjusted, it is hoped that use may be made of the vocabulary of the Hebrew Old Testament, i.e., the Biblical text underlying that portion of the Authorised Version."