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    Quote Originally Posted by alhembd View Post
    My name is Albert Hembd. I work for the Trinitarian Bible Society. We are currently working on a revision of the Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament.

    Hello Albert Hembd,

    Welcome to the forums! I am very excited to hear of this new project from someone involved in it.
    There is a thread on these forums (here) that has attempted to follow your work.

    Quote Originally Posted by alhembd View Post
    Be advised also that the electronic edition of Ewan MacLeod abounds in pointing errors. It was a scan job, then revised with OCR. A lot of points ended up missing, or typed in wrong.

    Thank you for informing us of this fact.
    I had no idea how the electronic edition was produced.
    Unfortunately, that is the only edition of Delitzsch HNT that BibleWorks comes with.
    (and for the above reason I am thankful for Ewan MacLeod's work as well as Scott's efforts to clean it up!)

    In, the future when the TBS has finalized their revision of the Delitzsch HNT do you think it will be possible for BibleWorks to acquire an electronic module/Database of it for use with the BibleWorks software?

    Grace and Peace,
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