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    Cool Mac user setup

    I have a windows machine setup with BibleWorks I bought many years ago and I now use a Mac Air and want to start using my Mac or possibly buy an IPad and buy the new Bibleworks 8. What do I need to know before I start out in order to run the Beta software on my Macbook Air?

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    Default MacUser Setup

    I run BW8 on a MacBook Pro, and I believe the setup will be basically the same on a MacBook Air. You will simply need to have a windows emulator like Parallels or VMFusion, a valid copy of windows, and then install them and install BW8 within windows. It runs fine on my MAcBook Pro, but since you are running two operating systems, make sure you have a good amount of memory - I have 4 GB and am glad for it since i run Windows with BW8 almost all of the time, and then am running 5 or 6 programs on the Mac as well.

    I do not believe that BW8 will work on the iPad. It and the iPhone are running a stripped down version of the OS and I have not heard of any windows emulation software for them. Unless BibleWorks makes an app for the iPad - and I do not believe they are planning to do so - it would not work on the iPad.

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