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Thread: Restoring Favourites and Font information after deleting the BW800.ini File

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    Default Restoring Favourites and Font information after deleting the BW800.ini File

    I recently had the problem where the data under the resource summary tab was not automatically updating when I placed my cursor over either the Hebrew or Greek. The only way to fix the problem was to delete the BW800.ini file, and restart BibleWorks. This did fix the problem, but it also left me with the problem that all of my "favourite" settings, as well as my various font settings, were deleted as BibleWorks reset itself to the default values.

    I didn't want to go through the hassle of re-entering all of my favourite settings, as well as the font settings. Perhaps others have had this situation and found an easier solution, but this is what I did:

    1) I deleted the new BW800.ini file, and then, from the recycle bin, "restored" the original BW800.ini file to Bible Works.

    2) I restarted BibleWorks, but kept the "shift" key depressed while doing so. This brought up the BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Options window. (See Section 7 of the Help File - Startup Options). Under "Option 3" I chose "Edit BW800.ini" which gave me the BW800.ini file in Word Pad. I saved this file as a text file (in a totally different place on the computer so I would not later confuse myself). This gave me a copy of my initial Bible Works BW800.ini file, which had all of my original favourites and font settings stored in it.

    3) I then deleted the BW800.ini file from the BibleWorks folder and restarted BibleWorks. This created a new BW800.ini file, reset to the default settings.

    4) I closed BibleWorks, and restarted it again, but this time keeping the "shift" key depressed. This again brought up the Trouble-Shooting Options window. I again chose Option 3 and "Edit BW800.ini" which brought the new BW800.ini file that had been created.

    5) I then copied from my original BW800.ini file (now saved as a text file) the favourites and font settings that I had originally established, and pasted them into the appropriate place in the new BW800.ini that BibleWorks had created.

    6) After I saved the changes, I restarted BibleWorks, and not only was the problem with the Resource Summary Tab fixed (and I don't even pretend to know why I had a problem with it) - but all of my favourites and font settings were restored.

    Other people may know a simpler, easier way to do this, but this is what worked for me and I hope that it is helpful to others.
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