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Thread: Will there be a BibleWorks 8 App on ndroid or Iphone like Logos has?

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    Default Will there be a BibleWorks 8 App on ndroid or Iphone like Logos has?

    I was wondering if there is any chance of there being an App for BibleWorks like Logos has on the iphone? I will have an Android OS (operating system) on the HTC EVO 4G so i was wondering if BW was coming out with anything of that sort, here is the link to what it is:

    That is iphone exclusive, it would be great if BW offered an App across multiple platforms, or at least on the Android OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Android App

    Greetings BibleWorks,

    I too would like an Android app. The main functionality I am looking for is to be able to do flashcards with specific vocabulary in Greek/Hebrew.

    Thank you for your time,

    Brian Price

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    I too would like to see something like this happen, but I just don't know how realistic it is because BW doesn't see to "follow the crowd" so to speak. There have been people requesting a Mac version of BW for years but they won't do that unless the market share of apple computers gets much, much higher than it is right now.

    A basic iphone/ipod/ipad app & android app would certainly be used. It would be great if we could use things like our purchased BDAG & HALOT with it as well. Just make it a bare bones BW (NA27, BHS, parsing, morphological searching, BDAG, HALOT, 3-5 good English versions, note-taking & flashcards). I understand not following the crowd and sticking to your philosophy, but these are where our times are heading BW so you better keep up. The Accordance app for iOS is imminent, and the one for Logos has been out for quite some time, and the Olive Tree app is used by many students. The app frenzy and things like using handheld devices & tablets for going to church, teaching, studying, etc, is not going to die any time soon and will only get larger. BW needs to do something within the next 12-18 months or they will be increasingly forgotten. That's not a prophetic statement, it's just where things are heading. People who see these handheld and tablet applications & purchase them will naturally gravitate towards getting compatible software for their laptop or desktop.

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    Default BW8 on Android

    that would be really great.

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    I would love to see a BW app for Android too, but in the meantime, CadreBible has NA26, Westcott & Hort, LXX, and the Hebrew Bible available for free, and has a very nice interface. They charge quite a bit for most English versions, though, so I'm still using YouVersion for that.

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    Default Bible Software for Android

    I'm not anticipating BW on an Android...
    Here's the most up to date listing I have of Bible software for Android.

    On my Droid X, I'm running/comparing OliveTree, YouVersion, CadreBible and AndBible.
    I've been using OliveTree for a long time (back to my old, old Palm...), but I haven't gotten around to paying for the upgrade to the new morph-tagged GNT.
    As the previous poster noted, YouVersion is great for English versions.
    AndBible still doesn't have font issues resolved.

    I'm finding I'm using CadreBible the most. It's fastest. It has the NestleAland 26. (So, not the 27th, but still good. SBL GNT coming?) You can view parallel versions very handily. (W/ OT texts, I can have Hebrew, LXX, NET, and Vulgate all show up together!)
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