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Thread: Testament of Reuben

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    Default Testament of Reuben

    We have finished the initial entry of the Testament of Reuben and were wondering if entering the remainder of the Testament of the 12 Patriarchs is futile (i.e. someone has done it).


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    Default Reuben and Simeon

    Reuben and Simeon are done and 1 Enoch is progressing.


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    Default Reuben as a JPG

    We have a JPG edition of our text of Reuben
    This was made from the PDF version. We have decided to post the text version when the project is completed and Hermeneutica has been given a copy to include in BW 6.0.

    If IE shrinks a JPG so that it is not readable then left click on the image and when the expand button appears, click on it. It will then appear full size.

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