I noticed over at the "On Greek Text crit" thread that there has been some question about typing Greek and Hebrew on these forums (since the upgrade has dropped the ability to choose bwgrkl/bwhebb in the editor toolbar).

One thing that you can do to continue using bwgrkl and bwhebb, is to 'hand code' the font into your post. To do this you first need to change the editor you're using to type your forum post (do this by clicking the little icon to the upper-right of the editor box:
Then enter the 'coding' for whatever text you'd like in the bwgrkl/bwhebb as follows (using [ ] rather than < >).
<FONT="bwhebb">hwhy</FONT> = hwhy
<FONT="bwgrkl">kurioj</FONT> = kurioj
Note: In the above example, I had to substitute [ ] for < > in order to show what the code looks like. In the forum site, ALWAYS use [ ].

An alternate way of doing things, handy for typing Greek/Hebrew Unicode on ANY website, is KeymanWeb. With KeymanWeb, you can create a bookmarklet for your web browser that creates a keyboard next to any text field that allows you to type (either with your mouse or on your keyboard) Unicode Greek and Hebrew.

I typed the text below using the KeymanWeb bookmarklet:

κυρίος / יהוה

The KeymanWeb bookmarklet is free, and is available from the Keyman website. You can even get a javascript that you can install on your own website that will enable any visitor to use the keyboard (limitations apply for free use).