It has been noted here many times before that BibleWorks currently lacks the critical apparatus for the NA27 and BHS because the license holders for those works have not agreed to any licensing deals with BibleWorks. However it has also been said that despite not having the NA27 app crit specifically, there still are many other valuable tools for text crit in BW8 such as Von Soden and Tischendorf. Although both are older than NA27, they both contain much more information and often more accurate information. It is sad BW can't have everything in it, but the fact that it has those two really means it has more and better information than the NA27 itself. If you don't believe me, these are the words of the editors of the NA27, "(von Soden and Tischendorf) are indispensible for specialized studies on the transmission of particular texts and passages because (unfortunately) they still represent the most detailed collect of variants (von Soden) and the most accurate presentation of the evidence from them (Tischendorf) available today." (From Peter Head's review of Editio Critica Maior). So I'd say that's pretty much straight from the horse's mouth. Of course it should be noted that the Editio Critica Maior when it's finished should replace both von Soden and Tischendorf, but the point is, that edition would essentially be superseding von Soden and Tisch, not NA27.