I have BW 8.0, and I am considering switching from a PC to a Mac (if it is economically feasible). I just began my research into Macs today, and I am considering an iMAC or MacBook Pro with Windows 7 and one of the two major Windows emulators (Parallels 5.0 or Fusion 3.0). Has anyone tested these combinations of Mac/Emulator/Windows/BW?:

iMAC - Parallels - Windows 7 - BW
iMAC - Fusion - Windows 7 - BW
MacBook Pro - Parallels - Windows 7 - BW
MacBook Pro - Fusion - Windows 7 - BW

  1. What were your results?
  2. If you tried more than one of the above combinations, which worked best?
  3. What BW functionalities did not work?
  4. What speed changes did you notice?
  5. How does one export BW data within Windows 7 to the Mac environment?
  6. What about printing from BW out of the Window 7 to Mac environment?

Thank you!

Grace and peace,