I have been contemplating purchasing Bibleworks or one of the other "big three" for several years now. I know the general strengths and weaknesses of each of them, and I think any of them would give me far more than what I currently have. Trying to decide which is best has been a big part of slowing me down from making a purchase, but I finally realize that I need to take the plunge one way or another. It seems for the combination of price, speed, search functions, and original language resources, Bibleworks is the way to go. However, one thing that really turns me off to Bibleworks is its interface. It looks nowhere near as user-friendly as the other two. I would like to hear from Bibleworks users who have thought similarly, at least initially. After using the interface for a long enough period I'm sure it gets better, but wouldn't you still prefer to look at and use the Logos or Accordance screens? I know that blogs have posted software comparisons ad nauseum, but I would like to hear what Bibleworks users have to say specifically about this apparent weakness. And any other advice you might have would be appreciated too!

Thanks in advance.