I just sent the following suggestion to the powers that be. Does anyone else face this issue? How do you handle it now? (Maybe there is already a solution).

Dear BW:

I wish the book name file could be language sensitive. Book names appear in English for English versions, in Spanish for Spanish versions and so on. Switching .bna files doesn't really solve the problem.

As a missionary, I work in 2 modern languages simultaneously, English and Spanish.

It looks odd when I'm using an English Booknames file and see English names for Spanish versions...and vice versa. But looking odd isn't the main issue.

The big problem comes when I export. I often export/print/copy versions in both languages at the same time. One of them is sure to have the book name in the wrong language.

Switching bookname files doesn't solve my problem.

And while I'm wishing: I'd like to be able to override this setting too! (I really don't want the bookname for Greek, or especially Hebrew, versions in Greek or Hebrew. I usually want them in English!

Or is there some way to do this already that I don't know about?