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Thread: frequency of greek words

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    Default frequency of greek words

    I have one question about Vocabulary Flashcard Module: how often a greek word actually occurs? I noticed some incongruences between the col 5 and 6 of some words. For example, the word autos has "r 5645" and freq. "5597". So, how often I will find autos in GNT?

    Col 5: The frequency of occurrence. This is used for frequency sorting.
    Col 6: Usage data: Enter a morphology code or codes followed by how often that form occurs. If you have more than one code/frequency separate them by a space. Only the first word in this list is used currently - for part of speech sorting. Use standard BNM/WTM codes or partial codes.

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    Hi Mazeta,

    Use the column 5 frequency list to see how frequently the word appears in the GNT.
    Glenn Weaver

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