BibleWorks is please to announce the new "You Know What I Want" search feature. This new search feature eliminates typing on the Command Line and returns the exact results that you really want. You do not even need to switch Bible versions!

This new search feature requires a user-supplied biometric thumbprint device. When a supported biometric device is connected to the computer, BibleWorks displays the "You Know What I Want" search indicator in the Command Line. Place your thumb in the biometric device, think about what you want to search for, and then press Enter on your keyboard. The search results appear in the Search Window.

In order for the "You Know What I Want" search feature to work correctly, you must concentrate carefully on your search. One of our beta testers kept searching for "Ferrari". Another beta tester searched for directions to Starbucks.

This new feature is available starting April 1, 2010.