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Thread: BW8, Windows 7 64 bit and Samsung R480

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    Default BW8, Windows 7 64 bit and Samsung R480

    So last Sunday after church, took my bag with laptop and the family to my sisters house, fixed her lamp etc and got my laptop stolen from my car. So, off to Best Buy we go! Good news is that I back up every Saturday night after sermon is completed. No data was lost just Brunner, Frances and Wrights commentary on Matthew. (I just hope they read them and don't throw them away.)

    So I buy the Samsung laptop at a pretty good price at Best Buy everything works great until I install Bibleworks. Which seems to install fine and then ask to reboot, which I do and then it boots fine except Windows never draws the screen or finishes booting. It goes through the Bios screen, flashes Samsung on the monitor ask me to insert my password, place a windows logo on the screen and the goes black.

    Fun part is the mouse pointer is on the screen, all the Samsung function keys work, but nothing Windows works. If I do a system restore and remove Bibleworks, it removed Bibleworks and everything seems to work perfectly. If I run in Safe Mode, the computer boots and BW seems to work fine. I've booted that way and updated Bibleworks, but when I boot normally I get the same problem.

    Since I have complete back up of my last laptop, I was wondering if I could just take the BW directory off that back up and dump it on the computer. Would Bibleworks run?

    Any other ideas? I do need my Bibleworks to run on Easter week.


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    Default Contact Customer Service

    I suggest contacting Customer Service concerning this problem. That will probably be the fastest recourse for you.
    Glenn Weaver

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    Default Took the laptop back

    Seems this laptop and some 32bit apps don't play well together. We'll try something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcleek View Post
    Seems this laptop and some 32bit apps don't play well together. We'll try something else.
    I'm having a similar problem with my Toshiba laptop which is running Windows 7 64 bit. Only difference is my computer will initially reboot, but within a minute it'll blue screen. I've contacted BibleWorks support for help but they seem to be as baffled as I am.

    I need my BibleWorks so I'm considering buying a netbook and putting it on that.

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