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Thread: Hebrew right to left in Word 2007

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    Default Hebrew right to left in Word 2007

    What steps have I to take in order to make a (BW copied) Hebrew text appear from right to left in Word 2007?
    My OS is Windows7. In Win XP it wasn't much of a problem.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Should be no problem

    I am going to assume you are using BW 8. I have no problems pasting with Win7 into Ms office products. Just be sure you have unicode export enabled. You must also specify a unicode font for the copy. BW ships with the SBL Hebrew font, which works just fine for me.
    From the drop down menu next to the wrench, select option flags. General/Fonts screen let's you specify unicode fonts and then you need to make sure that output format for a particular copy option is set to unicode as well.
    Unicode in Win7 with MS office 2007 (I only use PowerPoint, but I tried it in Word to be sure it worked) works really well. So good luck.

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    Many thanks for the trouble and your clear explanation. Now I know how to tackle this problem.
    God bless,

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