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Thread: Copy/Paste from BW8 into Mac - Help?

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    Default Copy/Paste from BW8 into Mac - Help?

    I searched the forums, but could only find some rather old discussions on this matter. I'm trying to allow my students to create their own interleaved texts as described in this thread.
    A number of my students run BW8 on a Mac under emulation, and I don't know enough about Macs to figure out how to make the copy/paste deal work.
    Does the Popup copy work for Word on a Mac? And I think I'm asking more than one question...
    Does the Popup copy (using CTRL-SHIFT-B in Word) work at all?
    Can you copy BW8 text under emulation and then paste into Word on the Mac side? Can you do it if your word processor is on the Windows side?

    Thanks for any advice.
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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    Default Copy/Paste from BW8 into Mac - Help?

    I am assuming that the students are running Parallels. I have not used VMWAre, so I can not speak to that.

    Under Parallels (3, 4 or 5), they simply copy to the Windows clipboard. I normally use the popup copy window in BibleWorks, put in the text reference I want copied, and then hit copy. I then simply hit Command-V in the Mac program and it copies the text. It even keeps the formatting.

    They do need to configure the export options in BibleWorks so that they have the fonts and such that they desire. But if they do that, it works fine. I have done it in Word, Pages, PowerPoint, and Keynote.

    They can not tell it to copy into Word directly, because Parallels will use Word on the PC side. Of course, if you have a Word document on the desktop you can use it on the Mac side as well I believe, but to be honest, I find the clipboard method much easier.

    Hope that helps.

    In Christ,


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    Default Copying into Mac from Windows

    I'm working with Fusion 3.0.1 and BW 8.

    Read your other post as well and had a couple thoughts as I've been doing for a while what you have suggested to your students.... here is maybe a shortcut to what you are proposing

    1. Set up the browse window with the versions you want to use and in the order you want to use them (a new Favorites window?)
    2. Select a given verse or passage
    3. Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C in the browse window
    4. Cmd-Tab to switch to my Mac app.
    5. Then Ctrl-V to copy that into a Mac application. This works with NeoOffice, Pages, Scrivener and TextEdit and all retain the formatting. Hopefully Word will retain the formatting too.
    6. *** For the needs of others, Strong's numbers can either be turned on or off in the original Browse window so they can be copied over as well for those more "comfortable" using tagged versions

    This process takes 5-15 seconds to copy selected interleaved verses out of BW8 into a Mac app.

    I use NeoOffice because of it's open document format and ability to make great PDFs on the fly. I hate forced obsolescence and look to the open document format and PDFs to reduce that possibility.

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    Thanks for the advice.
    I worked w/ 2 students, both using Parallels and BW8.
    We got the one system to do exactly what we want it to do using the popup clipboard in BW8 (ie hit CTRL-SHIFT-B in BW) but have everything go to the clipboard instead of the word processor. Then we just switched to Word running on the Mac side and pasted it in. Perfect.

    We tried to set up the second machine the same way (all the same versions of stuff), but every time we tried to copy to the clipboard, it crashed BW8.

    Still working on it...
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies
    United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg & Philadelphia -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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