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Really, New Orleans, huh? I'd not heard of their food reputation before. Is it the Cajun cuisine in particular? Have you caught any episodes of the show "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel? Great show. He travels all over the globe and highlights a lot of the weird - weird, as we would perceive it - foods and dishes that people eat in different places around the world.
Nope, never caught the show.

I don't know what accounts for the New Orlean's magic, but it's just there, not only in the well-known establishments, but particularly in the hole-in-the-wall joints as well. I lived there for about a year back in 79-80, and so I got to eat at a lot of local spots in addition to all the famous places.

As I said, nothing quite like it anywhere in the world in my experience.

By the way, the men's Snowboard Cross is on right now, and it is spectacular. I must say, I'd like to try that myself sometime.