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Thread: Parallels 5 vs Parallels 4 with BW on Mac

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    Default Parallels 5 vs Parallels 4 with BW on Mac

    I have been using BW8 with Parallels on my Mac for a couple of years now. Generally it has worked really well. I use Parallels 4 now, but was debating upgrading to Parallels 5. The only reason to do so, however, is to fix a couple of quirks in the way it works with BW. If it does not fix these, the upgrade is really pointless.

    1. Shift key does not freeze lexical entries
    2. Format problems when exporting data to Mac - specifically that it does not retain internal verse numbers being superscripted
    3. Resource requirements - does Parallels 5 take less memory than version 4 of Parallels?

    Additionally, are there any new bugs in Parallels 5? Version 4 was definitely not ready for release when they shipped it, and I do not want a rerun of that scenario....

    FYI, I am still running Leopard, but will make the upgrade to Snow Leopard next week.

    Does anyone know the answers to these questions? Any help would be appreciated.

    In Christ,

    Bret Hicks

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    I had to downgrade to v.4 from Parallels 5 (beta testers get nuthin from Parallels), and on my older 1.83 2Gb Macbook, v4 runs like molasses compared to Parallels 5.

    Your mileage may vary.

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