Just received the BibleWorks update email where they write:
"The next version will include a greatly enhanced Windows-compatible Unicode-enabled editor and the Holman Christian Standard Bible..."
I am very pleased about the Unicode capability, and that alone will encourage me to update when it becomes available.
BibleWorks knows their user base better than I, but is the Holman Bible really a significant / important / desirable addition for which many people would want to spend money. Yes, one could always argue that one more version is better than one less, but, even if I were not working directly from the original languages, I can gain a good sense of what is going on in a text by comparing, e.g., the NRSV with the NAS with the NETBible with Peterson's The Message (or the NLT). That provides quite a range of literal to dynamic to paraphrase.
I guess I simply don't anticipate using or needing the Holman Bible.
My two cents...