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Thread: Creating a concordance with BW6

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    Default Creating a concordance with BW6

    I'd like to create, with BW6, a "concordance"
    similar, for example, to the old "Analytical
    Concordance to the Bible", by Robert Young.

    Example: under the item "Day" I find in Young:
    "1. Morning, boqer...
    [verses quoted]
    2. Day, yom...
    [verses quoted]
    3. Daily, yomam..." etc.

    That's to say: for every word, say, in the KJV
    I'd like to find the original hebrew and greek.

    I know Michael is working on something similar
    on the basis of E. Tov's work on LXX-BHS alignement,
    but my question is: can I create such a concordance
    starting from ASE or from any other BW tools?



    P.S. This new forum is GREAT!
    Congratulations to all the staff!!

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    Default Sorry

    Hi Ivo,
    There's no way to do that currently. You can find all verses that contain one word in one version and another corresponding word in another version. Bit that won't give you a one-to-one word comparison. The LXX/BHS database will do this for Hebrew and Greek as you say. It's in the works.

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