Hi All,

We just posted a new exe 8.0.015o with a new feature. It adds the ability to use a verse list file as a search limit. It is accessed just like custom search limits on the command line. For example from the command line:

l test.vls or
limit test.vls

will use the vls file as a search limit. It can be slow for files with lots of verses when the VLS file version is different from the search version because of verse mapping, but the remapping is buffered so it will speed up for subsequent searches.

The motivation was a user asking to sort the results list according to actual text of the hits. This can be done using this feature in a roundabout way:

1. Do the search
2. Export the hits to both a VLS and a word list IEL file. The former is done via the main window FILE menu. The latter is done using the Word List Manager.
3. Use the VLS file to set limits
4. Click on each hit in the word list file inside the Word List Manager to see where they were found.

The changes were rather significant to implement this so we need to be on the watch for problems. Let us know if you have any problems.