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Thread: Version Display Order - Problem with BW 7

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    Default Version Display Order - Problem with BW 7

    Dear friends,
    a friend of mine who is using BW 8 (BW 7 in the headline was a typo, sorry I could not correct it), asked me how to bring
    the version display in the right order.
    He gets the following window (please see attachement). That means the
    buttons move up, move down etc. don't appear. Only "ok", "Cancel" and "Help". So he can't do anything.
    I have no idea, how to get the right window with the needed buttons. I think he works on Windows XP.
    What can we do ?
    Peter, Germany
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    Hm, da stimmt was nicht. Versuche mal ein update (8.0.015p - Status 25. Januar); ansonsten würde ich mich an tech support wenden, oder ein re-install. Irgendwo hakt es, denn die "Move Up/Down" Optionen müssten sichtbar sein.


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    Lieber Ingo,

    danke ganz herzlich für den Tipp ! Das Update hat tatsächlich den gewünschten Erfolg gebracht.
    Herzliche Grüße

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