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Thread: I need Text Export to have Verse References BEFORE the verse

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    Default I need Text Export to have Verse References BEFORE the verse

    Hey guys, I need help and I fear this is such an easy thing to do that I am embarrassed to ask for help! I have gone through my export options and I have them set to place my verse references BEFORE the text, but the verse references are always placed AFTER the verse, in my editor and when I copy to Word 2007. Any ideas on what I can do? Again, my options for the editor are set to BEFORE but it is never before the text. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default One more item I ned help with

    Also, after I do get it fixed, how do I set it to the way BW 7 placed the verse references: first, in bold, and in a smaller font. I have been to the help files, and I just can't seem to get it to work.

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    I assume you are in BW8. In the "BW Options Window" on the left hand side be sure you have chosen "Selected browse text" before you make your selections. I think by default BW Options Window opens to "Verse List or Range," and if you make your selections there, they will not affect the copying of browse text.
    I forget how the references appeared in BW7, but BW8 has many more options, and you can order the references just about any way you want by playing around with the "valid tags" dropdown list under "Reference Format". E.g. <b> starts bold type, and </b> ends the bold.
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you very much, that fixed it. Now all I have to do is play around with the tags and get it the way I want it, your help is much appreciated.

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