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    Is there a way to view the paradigm for a particular verb? I have tried in the Resources-Greek Grammars-Greek Paradigms window and in the Resources-Greek/Hebrew Lexicons Window.
    Thanks. I'm still kinda a rookie.

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    The Greek Paradigms, as you noted, give standardized patterns, not for a particular word. So, short answer, No, you cannot get paradigm for any given word.
    Right-click in the Analysis tab in the Analysis pane.
    Choose Lemma/Form Usage Statistics
    Choose Include Lemma Usage Summary
    Repeat and choose Include Complete Lemma Info
    (cf. graphic below)
    That will show all the forms of any particular Greek word that are used in the LXX / NT. (There is not a similar option for Hebrew.)

    To get more of a paradigm view for that info, go to the Unbound Bible HERE. Enter the Greek word, and it will determine the lemma. When you then click on the lemma, it will return a full, organized paradigm (verbs are especially impressive!) of all instances in LXX / NT. (BTW, I haven't found a way to create an External Link to that particular tool at Unbound Bible, so it's the kind of thing you would perhaps want to add in ERMIE.)
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