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Thread: Search Field + Hebrew Problem Windows 7

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    Default Search Field + Hebrew Problem Windows 7

    I couldn't open new thread other in FAQ . so i opened it here.

    Hello , I have Windoes 7 64 bit + BibleWorks 7
    I have hebrew keyboard , and dont have hebrew problem in other programs/web.

    - The Problem: I see wierd letters when trying to search something in hebrew on WTT .

    - I can Serach in english ( in KJV ) without any problem.

    - I write/see hebrew normal in the Editor.

    - Tried playing with fonts and etc.

    - Reinstall many times + playing with trouble shooting options .

    - No problem in programs/web = System Locale = Hebrew(Israel) = In the picture I'v add to this post - you can see that when pressing enter on the search field - the pop up window that says that the word is not found - shows the text ok as hebrew .

    - I didnt find the option
    "Tools|Options|Option Flags|Command Line Configuration Options|Use Israeli keyboard on command line"
    which I found somewhere on the fourum here.

    thanks for the help
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