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    Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek Words
    taken from
    Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
    James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D.

    Public Domain -- Copy Freely

    For a hundred years Strong's Dictionaries have been popular with Bible students.
    By assigning numbers to each unique word in the Old and New Testaments and
    listing each word with its number, Strong produced a standard, still used today,
    for referencing definitions. Bible students, with little or no knowledge of
    Greek and Hebrew, are able to use Strong's numbers to learn about the Greek and
    Hebrew of the Bible.



    there is library with 14300 single html-files. Every file describes one Strong number like this example:

    the colors can be changed by editing a single css-stylesheet, of course ;-)

    This library could also be used for building an online dictionary

    Here is the link for downloading it:

    (save with right mouse button )

    have fun

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