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Thread: New Site: AllThingsAramaic.Com

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    Talking New Site: AllThingsAramaic.Com

    For students and fans of Aramaic, a new Aramaic site is now available. It is:

    The site is fairly new, but God willing it will grow steadily over the next few weeks and months, to cover all (Biblical) aspects of the Aramaic language, including learning Aramaic (the various scripts which have been used down through the centuries), Biblical Aramaic, the Targums, the Aramaic Old Testament (Peshitta Tanakh) and the Aramaic New Testament (Peshitta). The intention is to have a single, quality site which explains the overall breadth of Aramaic resources which are available, with pointers where to get further information. It will bring together a lot of information which is currently scattered and hard to find, making Aramaic much more easily accessible.

    This is great news for Aramaic fans. The related site, AllThingsHebrew.Com, will grow together to be a superb resource for Biblical Semitic languages.

    Enjoy, and keep coming back to both sites regularly, because new content is being added all the time...

    And yes, in due course both sites will describe in detail how wonderful BibleWorks is for Hebrew and Aramaic study!

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    Default BW version of the Peshitta Tanakh

    I am looking for a Bibleworks version of the Peshitta Tanakh. Is there one available?

    Wayne Ingalls

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    Thank you Ewan, I subscribed to both sites (I did not know about the hebrew site before you mentioned it.)
    Chris Sansom
    M. Div. Concordia Seminary

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