I know that a number of you run both BW8 and Logos. If so, you probably set up a bunch of external links that allowed you to right click and jump to a resource in Logos3.
I've upgraded to Logos4, and they now use a different protocol for labeling their resources. Eg, to link to the SESB NA27 (with the text critical stuff), the old link to Logos3 was:

The new link to Logos4 now looks more like:
libronixdls:keylink|ref=bible.<book>.<chapter>.<ve rse>|res=LLS:NA27GBS


  • Lose the [en]
  • Links to Book chapter verse are no longer in the "Mark 1:1" format but in a "62.1.1" format. (More on this in a moment)
  • You can still use the old Resource labels (NA27GBS), but they also have a new set of labels (eg, NA27GBS is now also: 1.0.332)

Here's the problem...
Logos4 does not like the dummy <book> label and will not work to create the link. Instead, each Bible book is assigned a number. (Gen=1, Exod=2... Mat=61, Mark=62, etc)

>>> Can BW8 return a book number instead of book name in the dummy box?

[BTW, if you do any copy/paste, remember that somehow extra spaces get thrown in. There should be no spaces in those link lines.]

The lemma links to Logos4 also need to be reworked. (The current ones will crash Logos4.) Those look like they will need even more work...

Thanks. Mark