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Thread: Synopsis Window -- adds ZUR version for me.

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    Unhappy Synopsis Window -- adds ZUR version for me.

    Just wondered whether this is a problem for everyone, or just for me.

    All the .sdf files that I use in the Synopsis window, including the ones that BW supplies on installation, add ZUR as the last version, after whatever version(s) is/are defined in the .sdf file.

    I hadn't used Synopsis for, probably, a few months.

    I tried renaming my ini file, to no effect. I tried recovering to all the automatic checkpoints still saved (the oldest was 8.0.013z). All of them still added in ZUR.

    If this is affecting others, I'll submit a bug report. Otherwise I will try reinstalling BW.

    After all this, I restored to the most recent checkpoint, and reinstated my original ini file. Somewhere in all of this I lost my tab contexts and tab names -- I ended up with the default 1 through 12, all of them except "1" empty. This was true for each of the checkpoint restores -- I did complete (3 file) restores to each checkpoint. Does anyone have any tips for retaining tab information in such circumstances?


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    Concerning the Synopsis tool. You are not the only one to have extraneous versions displaying. I reported something similar to this a year or so ago, but none of the people at BW was able to reproduce it. Right now my extra version is the Spanish PER, the latest addition to the list of Bible versions in BW. When I reported the problem, the version was different, a user version which I had picked up. It appears that BW takes the last version you added to the program and automatically adds it to the display versions in the Synopsis tool. ZUR was added after the BW8 CDs were made, so my guess is that it is the last version which you added. I don't know if this happens when you add another version from CD or if it happens just when you download a version from the web. I would say, go ahead and report it. Tell them that I can sort of reproduce it. The next time they add another version, after we download it we can see if it was added to the Synopsis tool. If so, we have found a clue. If not, ...

    Someone else may remember exactly where the tabs are saved. But I try to save important lines of the BW800.ini file in a word document, and then I can paste them back into that file after BW re-initializes (or a new version is added). I haven't had my tabs wiped out in a long time, so I haven't saved them anywhere, and they do not seem to be saved in the bw800.ini file.

    Mark Eddy
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