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Thread: Windows XP Service Pack 2

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    Smile Windows XP Service Pack 2

    I have just downloaded and installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 using Automatic Updates. The good news is that I haven't found any problems with BibleWorks yet - everything seems to work just fine and dandy. I downloaded the latest BibleWorks updates as well, so there seems to be no issues with the new enabled firewall. (I use ZoneAlarm as well).

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    Thumbs up XP Service Pack 2

    I have been using SP2 for a couple of days and have seen no side effects in BibleWorks either. Seems to be safe in terms of BW.

    Philip Brown

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    Red face XP Service Pack 2

    I've read scary stories about it, but it seems to me that its alleged incompatibility is over-rated. I think it may happen that people will need to change a couple of settings to get programs to work.

    David McKay

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    The incompatabilities are generally with Internet programs, you might get a dialog when you run BW's update feature but click OK and all is fine.

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