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Thread: New Spanish version, La Biblia del Peregrino (PER)

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    Default New Spanish version, La Biblia del Peregrino (PER)

    We just posted a new Spanish version, La Biblia del Peregrino. It is intended primarily for users in Spain, but a version intended for Latin America is forthcoming.

    The material is copyrighted but we are awaiting the exact wording from the Copyright holder and will post that shortly.

    This version is a free download for users of BibleWorks 7 and BibleWorks 8.

    The release notes are as follows:

    La Biblia del Peregrino

    "En una traducción, especialmente de textos literarios, opino que lo más importante es la traducción (frente a los que piensan que lo más importante son las notas). Al traducir intentamos rehacer la comunicación integral del original. Es decir, no sólo del contenido intelectual o doctrinal, sino también de la emoción, el impacto, la sugerencia... Al traducir textos literarios no los vertemos genéricamente a la lengua receptora, sino específicamente al nivel de lenguaje y al genero literario particular: cantos de amor, refranes, elegía, retórica, relato..." (L. Alonso Schökel)

    La Biblia del Peregrino (PER), pensada especialmente para lectores de España, ha tenido un inmenso influyo en la liturgia (especialmente los Salmos, que se ha convertido en la versión oficial). Sobresale por la bella traducción de los textos poéticos (Profetas, Job, Cantar, Proverbios, etc.) y el dinamismo de los textos narrativos. Últimamente ha sido adaptada, en la medida de lo posible, a la rica variedad lingüística de los países de América Latina ("La Biblia de nuestro Pueblo").

    English translation of the above description:

    "When translating texts, especially literary texts, my opinion is that the quality of the translation is of the utmost importance (as opposed to those who think that the notes and comments are more important). Our translation tried to render the integral communication of the original, that is to say, not only the intellectual or doctrinal content, but also the emotion, the impact, the allusions of the text… The translation of literary texts must not impoverish the original, but render the quality of language and literary genre, e.g. songs of love, sayings, elegies, rhetoric, narrative… " (L. Alonso Schökel)

    La Biblia del Peregrino (PER), specifically conceived for readers in Spain, has had a huge influence on the liturgy (especially the Psalms, which has become the official version). It outshines on account of the beautiful translation of poetic texts (Prophets, Job, Song of Songs, Proverbs, etc.) and the dynamic translation of the narrative texts. Recently it has been adapted, as far as possible to the rich linguistic diversity of Latin American countries ("La Biblia del nuestro Pueblo").

    L. Alonso Schökel, the translator of the Biblia del Peregrino, was formerly a prof. at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome). The text has been thoroughly revised and prepared for BibleWorks by two Biblical scholars, José Luis SICRE, Sacra Scriptura D., prof. at the faculty of Theology, Grenada (Spain) and at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome), and Lorenzo DE SANTOS, Th.D., alumnus of the Pontifical Biblical Institute. We thank them for their labor and generosity.

    The assistance of Jean-Noël Aletti, of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, in enabling this addition to BibleWorks, is also appreciated.

    Sorry about the name confusion. t is back to PER. BNP will be the name of the Latin American Spanish version coming soon.

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    I see that "BNP" stays installed. Am I correct in assuming that that is simply the incorrectly named PER and should not be used at this time?

    When the real BNP comes, this will be replaced, right?

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