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Thread: Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?

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    Default 64 bit and Nota Bene

    Quote Originally Posted by SkipB View Post
    NotaBene will only run under 32 bit Win7 or in the 32 bit xp compatibility mode if your cpu has VT technology.
    This is the reason I didn't go 64 bit on my recent computer purchase. A big disappointment to me, because I could have benefited greatly from lots more accessible RAM. But no way until Nota Bene gets there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBushell View Post
    I have been doing BW development under Windows 7 64 bit for some time with no problems. The only harware I lost was an external modem for which I could not find drivers, but I was eventually able to find a way around that.

    The main advantage to switching to 64 bit is that it allows you to address more memory. Under 32 bit it is limited to 4 gigabytes I believe and since the video memory and some other things come out of that address space, the practical limit is somewhere around gigabytes. Many of the new apps will work better with more than 2 gigs and memory is dirt cheap now. Under 64bit the 2 gig limitation is gone and you are just limited by what your motherboard supports. In short, if it doesn't cost you any bucks (and it shouldn't) there's no real reason any more not to go 64bit. IMHO. Remember that you can't just switch later without reinstalling everything.
    Hi Mike,

    I just finished installing Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on the ThinkPad and it's very nice. I was so used to seeing the cruft-laden OS restores that Lenovo provided that I forgot how Windows can run with all of the junk gone. I'm very happy. I got my 64 bit antivirus software installed and BibleWorks is very speedy indeed.

    I checked on memory for this laptop and it can be upgraded to take 8 gigs of ram. Too bad the 4 gig chips for it are $320.00 a pop currently at newegg. Ouch!


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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesedwin View Post
    I am running 64 bit win 7 and actually playing max payne 2 about 2/3 way through and chaos theory right now. They are running perfect. Win 7 is a great upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkipB View Post
    NotaBene will only run under 32 bit Win7 or in the 32 bit xp compatibility mode if your cpu has VT technology.
    If your cpu doesn't have hardware virtualisation you can still do this with VMLite rather than the microsoft product which requires hardware virtualisation capability:

    Guide here:

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