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Thread: Is there way to use other Bible translations in x-refs?

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    Default Is there way to use other Bible translations in x-refs?

    In a BW8, I can only use English version cross references. I used Korean Bibles in cross references when I use BW7. Is there a way to use a Korean Bible other than English versions in a x-refs?

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    You can use almost every language available in BibleWorks for the X-reference tab in BW8. When you open the X-Refs tab, at the top on the left hand side is a box where the current cross-reference file is listed. To the right of that is the current Bible version displayed for the cross-references. Click on the arrow, and a drop-down list will show you all the available versions. Currently only those versions which use a western alphabet (Hebrew, Greek, Cyrilic or Latin) are available. Those languages which use characters (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, and even the alphabetic Thai Bible) do not appear to be available at this time. My guess is that there may be some display problems with languages which require Unicode fonts. But you would have to contact Support about that.
    Mark Eddy

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