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Thread: Where are the updated books?

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    Default Where are the updated books?

    I recently refreshed my desktop (Windows XP Pro) so I have to re-install BW 7 again. After full installation, I run update from within BW as usual, and complete all the procedures. However, after the update, and after restarting windows and BW as instructed, I don't see any of the new books added (and I have no way to verify if those updates are in place or not). Worse, there is no way for me to retry the update again. In the update option window, all the updates I had chosen are now all gone. They disappear from the update list, and yet not showing in the books list.

    Help! what can I do from here besides uninstall the BW and start over again?

    Thanks in advance


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    I am not sure which "books" you do not see, or where you do not see them. But there are at least three things you can do without re-installing BibleWorks.

    Installed Bible versions do not automatically become display versions. You have to choose to display them. Click View-Choose Display Versions. There you will see all the installed Bible versions as you look through the various languages. If a Bible version does not appear in the list, then you have not installed it. If you want any version to display in the browse window, click that version, then OK.

    If you think that you did not get the patches downloaded properly, in BW click on Help-BibleWorks on the Internet-Check for Updates. Then (if BW7 is the same as BW8) on the tool bar of the Updates window click on Options-Show Downloaded Patches. Then you will see all the patches which you have downloaded. If you did not see them before you checked "Show Downloaded Patches" then the patches have been applied. But you can always apply them again by checking on the patches you want to apply.

    If you think that you failed to install a version from the installation disk, you can put the installation disk back in your CD drive and do a repair or modification (I forget the terminology in BW7) rather than a full re-installation. If you follow the directions, after putting the CD in your drive, you will be able to see which databases from the disk are installed on your hard drive and which are not. Check those you wish to install. This will override any patches you may have installed, so if there are patches for a newly installed database from the disk, you will want to re-install the patch (see above).

    I hope this gives you some leads.
    Mark Eddy

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