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    Default Textual Variants

    I'm a fairly new user of BW8 and can't seem to figure out how to view NA27 textual variants. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agraig View Post
    I'm a fairly new user of BW8 and can't seem to figure out how to view NA27 textual variants. Thanks.
    Unfortunately, the critical apparatus for NA27, which cites the textual variants, is not included in BibleWorks. The German Bible Society is very stringent about whom and at what cost they license out their critical apparatus.

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    NA27 textual variants are not available in BW. (That text is available for Logos and Accordance, but it is expensive.) Your best resources for text critical work in BW are the NET Bible notes and the Tischendorf Critical Apparatus.

    You can also buy Metzger's Textual Commentary on the NT as a BW addon for $20 or Comfort/Barrett's Text of the Earliest Greek Mss for $30.

    Additional free resources for BW have been created. For the Gospels, get Willker's textual commentary available on the blog Modules page. While there you can also get von Soden's apparatus.

    You can also create external links to online sites that include variants.
    LaParola is HERE.
    Manuscript Comparator is HERE.

    You can also use BW to create your own comparisons. I provide info HERE.
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    I agree, the best tools for BW8 are Tischendorf's and the NET, I do like the text comparison tool for the BW as well. if you don't know how to use it, you can always look up the help file, but I have also found their study guides to be very useful. You can find them in the "help" drop down, and I beleive they even have one geared to doing textual criticism.
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    I am quite certain this topic has been discussed at length on another post, so I'm sorry to bring it up again, but what are the reasons the NA27 & BHS apparati are not offered in Bibleworks? I know both Logos & Accordance offer them for an additional purchase for quite a hefty fee (like an additional $150 or something crazy like that). Is the reason Bibleworks does not offer them because they think this is entirely unreasonable (which it is)? Or does the German Bible Society have some type of deal to only offer it on certain platforms?

    It's just a little confusing to me with publishers & electronic resources. You think they would be all about offering them on every platform imaginable because it would increase their profit (which, lets all be honest, is all that really matters to most publishers). Following that logic, GBS should be happy to allow Bibleworks to license their product for its users. However, nothing has ever been worked out, and my hopes aren't too high for the future just b/c of the sheer expense of the module on other platforms given how Bibleworks tries to keep things so cheap. I would just think that Bibleworks, being 100% exegetically-driven & focused, would at all costs try to include basic exegetical tools to their program, of which one basic tool is the standard apparatus in the NA27 & BHS texts.

    Can someone help me out here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfan23 View Post
    Can someone help me out here?
    If you do a search in the forums for German Bible Society, you should find a number of posts where this is restated, here is an example of one.

    Critical Apparatuses, Etc.

    Note the response of Michael Bushell as he gives the official statement from BibleWorks' perspective.
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