I am pleased to announce the BOSS, or the Lamb Lion Net Bible Organizer Study Suite, for use with BibleWorks.

BIBLE ORGANIZER STUDY SUITE can be freely downloaded HERE

Bible Organizer Study Suite (BOSS) is a FREEWARE program, but REGISTRATION is MANDATORY if you wish to realize the full potential of Bible Organizer Study Suite. In order to register your copy of BOSS, click on the following email address -- boss@lamblion.net -- with the word "Registration" in the subject box.

WARNING: There will be no exceptions to the following standards for registration. To wit: Register by sending a valid personal name and a valid email address to the email link given above. Company, group, ministry or other corporate names will NOT be accepted. Only VALID PERSONAL NAMES and VALID EMAIL ADDRESSES will be accepted. Your names and email addresses will be kept entirely confidential and will never be used for any purpose other than for registering this product. Period.

When sending your name for Registration, send it EXACTLY as you want it to appear in the BOSS program dialog Registration box.

Bible Organizer Study Suite (BOSS) extends the already enormous capabilities of BibleWorks by gathering and organizing BibleWorks' Verse List Manager (VLM) and Word List Manager (WLM)files into Categories. This provides a powerful tool for exegesis, sermon preparation, and numerous other protocols for studying God's written Word.

Although BOSS has some compelling features, some of which may be similar to those of the VLM and WLM, nevertheless BOSS is not meant to duplicate the functionality of the BibleWorks VLM or the WLM. Rather, BOSS extends the functionality of BibleWorks by expanding the organizational capabilities of results obtained from using the powerful VLM and WLM features in BibleWorks. This is, in fact, the very purpose of BOSS.

As you can see, there are four tabs representing four main applications. The menus are context sensitive, which means the menus for tab 1 will have different content than the the menus for the other three tabs, and so forth, so don't be afraid to check out the Help file in each tab interface.

It is imperative that you engage the very short Tutorial, which can be accessed from the Help menu of Bible Organizer Study Suite. Working through the short Tutorial will teach you in five minutes all of the fundamental features of Verse List Organizer and Word List Organizer and will give you a firm foundation for quickly making the most of this program. Three tutorial files are included. These are --

1. vlo_angels.vls
2. vlo_demons.vls
3. vlo_special_angels.vls

Move these files to your ASE folder before beginning the tutorial. These files, created from within the BibleWorks VLM, have only a sampling of verses and were created strictly for the purpose of this Tutorial. They should not be considered necessarily accurate or comprehensive. Again, these three files should be placed in your ASE folder prior to participating in the Tutorial.

NOTE 1: There are currently some limitations to the WLM (IEL) files, in that all morphological versions are currently displayed in the English font. Some people will actually like this, others certainly will not. However, there are plans to make this optional in a future update, which is to say, in a future update there are plans to display the morphological versions both ways so that the user has the option. Along with this, there will also be an option to display the numbers right next to the word as it is currently done in the WLM in BibleWorks, but I think you will find the current method in BOSS is quite nice once you understand how it works. It will pay off if you check the Help file under IEL File Information and VLS File Information.

NOTE 2:If you really want to get the most out of Verse List Organizer, you should also make sure that -- from within BibleWorks -- you go to the View menu and then make sure that the "Receive References (ParaText)" item is CHECKED. This enables you to double-click on verses in Verse List Organizer and have them instantly appear in BibleWorks.

NOTE 3: when you start Bible Organizer Study Suite for the first time, a dialog box will appear before the main Bible Organizer Study Suite screen does. This dialog box asks you to navigate to your BibleWorks ASE folder, which is typically "c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 8\ASE"

Bible Organizer Study Suite records this information so that you only have to do this once. Of course, there are also options for changing this folder and for setting the location of other folders once you are in Bible Organizer Study Suite. See the "Configuration" topic in the Help file for details.

It is also recommended - though not at all necessary - that you create a VLO and a WLO folder in the same spot, for example, "c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 8\VLO" and "c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 8\WLO"

Should you decide to create these folders, you can do so from within the "Configuration" menu of Bible Organizer Study Suite so that Bible Organizer Study Suite will automatically know where to find your files. If you create this folder outside of Bible Organizer Study Suite, you can simply navigate to that folder from the "Configuration" menu. Either way, you must let Bible Organizer Study Suite know where this folder is, otherwise your VLO an WLO files will be stored in the default installation folder.

Verse List Organizer files have a .VLO extension, while BibleWorks Verse List Manager files have a .VLS extension. Likewise, Word List Organizer have .WLO extension, while BibleWorks WLM files have a .IEL extension.f you choose not to create a VLO or WLO folder, Bible Organizer Study Suite will store its VLO and WLO files inthe same folder in which Bible Organizer Study Suite itself is stored, which is by default "c:\Program Files\Bible Organizer Study Suite\".

The installation program does not engage or affect your system files or other critical files in any way. The installation program merely creates a folder and stores the Bible Organizer Study Suite files in that folder, along with the "readme" and three tutorial VLS files. The default folder for the installation is, as noted above, "c:\Program Files\Bible Organizer Study Suite\"

Finally, if you want to ensure that you have the latest version of Bible Organizer Study Suite, keep monitoring the above link where you first downloaded Bible Organizer Study Suite, as I will keep a running documentation of updates and fixes there. You can also find a link to this site from the "Window" menu of Bible Organizer Study Suite.

Well, that's about it. I hope you find the program useful.

In Christ Jesus (who is Lord of all, and who alone is worthy)

Scott Jones