I noticed that Zondervan announced today it is retiring their Pradis software and is licensing their products to other Bible software companies. The only one they mentioned was Logos, which is more electronic-library based so is the most sufficient platform for the majority of their works.

However, I was wondering if Bibleworks would be included in the "other" companies that they mentioned? Accordance already offers Zondervan products, so I don't see how they could be part of the "others." There are a few titles I believe that fit well in line with the Bibleworks philosophy, most notably works like NIDOTTE and NIDNTT. Most of the other works are standard books or commentaries, so I don't see BW being too interested in those. However, if NIDOTTE & NIDNTT were at the right price and tagged to the text, I just may consider purchasing them.

Any rumors or news about this that I don't know about? Any other volumes/products you would like to see BW offer from Zondervan?