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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Borger View Post
    A separate issue arose as I was arranging vocabulary and using the verse finder (or example finder, I forgot what it is called). The interrogative "he" shows itself properly when I place the cursor on top of it, but when I right-click and search for that lemma, the results include all of the definite articles as well as interrogative "he" particles. Is this just a bug that needs reporting to customer service?
    It is not a bug. What is your search version? If it is WTT, BW is designed to look up every instance of the spelling you type on the command line. Even in WTM a search on a certain spelling will show all homonyms. This is very common. If you search for a certain triliteral stem, your results will includes cognate nouns, verbs, adjectives, or whatever, as long as a lexicon spells the lemma the same.
    If you want to limit the search to the interrogative H, you will have to search in WTM and type: .h@Pg* on the command line. The "g" designates the interrogative as opposed to "a" which would be the article.
    In general, after you type the Hebrew stem you want on the command line (with WTM as the search version) type @, and BibleWorks will suggest possible ways to limit your search. Choose the options you want to search, or use wildcards if the options don't matter to you.
    Mark Eddy
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    Thanks, Mark. That does work when I type that code into the search line. What I was trying to do was to do the same search by right-clicking over certain words and choosing "search for all forms of lemma". I was hoping that would do the same thing, but in this case it doesn't appear to.

    Dale, when you place your cursor over "enemy" (Heb.) in Gen 22:17, you are seeing a Hebrew showing there? Mine is definitely blank, execpt for the parsing information written in English. There is definitely a difference, but I am almost certain that I have not changed any settings. This is a fairly recent installation.

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